WakeEd’s New Year\’s Resolutions

\"Steve\"So how are you doing on those New Year’s resolutions? Be honest.

Studies show that if you’ve made it this far you are in an elite group of Americans. It’s interesting to hear the staff talk about the New Year’s resolutions they’ve kept and ones that have slipped by. I overhear all the things they want to accomplish and I become increasingly excited about 2016 as we build on the great foundation we established last year.

Recently, we released our 2015 Annual Impact Report. This 10-page report tells the story of WakeEd in one year, highlighting our successes and detailing the impact your support has made throughout the community. Some highlights include

  • More than $67,000 given directly to WCPSS educators through Teacher Innovation Grants.
  • SummerSTEM allowed 50 educators to engage in professional development in six area businesses.
  • Partners Read placed volunteers in schools to read with elementary aged students.
  • WakeEd co-funded a study on the economic impact of Wake County Public School System.

You can view more of these accomplishments, as well as the full report, on our website. As an organization, we are looking forward and continuing to be proactive in growing our impact in the community. We’ve already started on a positive note, as our World Café was 30 percent larger year-over-year. It’s one of our New Year’s resolutions that we’ve kept and we look forward to keeping the rest in 2016!

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