WakeEd Partnership is committed to bringing valuable professional development opportunities, events, and experiences to Wake County. From honoring those who have made undoubtable contributions to Wake County public schools. Stay informed on all our events, year-round!

Lifetime achievement

This highest honor is given to an individual who has dedicated their life to improving and creating an unmatched impact on public education. 



Friend of Education

This award is given to someone who has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to public education and shares the personal qualities of the late Senator Vernon Malone. 


WCPSS Hall of fame

The Wake County Public School System Hall of Fame honors outstanding educators, alumni, and community leaders who through their lives have deeply impacted our community, city, state, or nation.

Community Stars

This NEW award is given to a star teacher and student who demonstrate exceptional dedication to their craft and aspirations, and in doing so elevate WCPSS.


Upcoming Events

March, 2024

Stay tuned to learn more about our education TedTalk-esque event.

May, 2024

During the summer, 100 K-12 educators from WCPSS engage in hands-on experiences with their students.

October, 2024

Our annual gala honors those who form the educational foundation of Wake County public schools.

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