Why WakeEd


WakeEd Partnership is a unique, strategic, education nonprofit focused exclusively on transforming teaching and leadership modeling in Wake County Public Schools to provide graduating students with the content knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a complex and changing workplace. Since our founding in 1983, WakeEd Partnership has served in a unique position in the education space. 


We are an independent nonprofit committed to improving public education and advocating for excellent educational opportunities for all students. This independence has been our strength for more than 40 years. Through our business and community partners, we have brought the best minds and ideas to the table to focus on education in Wake County. With an eye on outcomes, our goal is to do the right thing for students.


For 40 years, WakeEd Partnership has advocated for excellent educational opportunities for all students in the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS). To accomplish this, WakeEd has a wide array of programs designed for continual growth for students and educators. Together, we have proven our dedication to public schools and the value that WakeEd brings to the community.

Let us continue to stand unified in our mission and unwavering belief in the transformative power of public education. 


More about WakeEd

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