Investing in Education

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Why Grade-Level Reading Matters

Being able to read on grade-level by the third grade can change a child’s life. For five years, WakeEd Partnership’s Partners Read program has placed mentors into Wake County Public Schools to read with developing first and second grade students and has provided...

“High quality schools are built on strong relationships. That is true for our students, our parents and our community partners. The relationship between WakeEd Partnership and the Wake County Public School System is both unique and valued. A steadfast partner, WakeEd provides an informed, credible and objective voice for the business community about K-12 issues in Wake County and North Carolina. High quality schools are vital to a community’s success. A strong relationship with WakeEd has helped this district maintain that quality.”

– Cathy Moore, Superintendent of the Wake County Public School System

Strong Schools, Strong Commumities

Dollars invested in schools stay in our community and provide an economic engine in Wake County. Did you know that a strong public school system generates up to $1.6 billion in additional lifetime incomes for graduates? High-quality public education also leads to increased home values and reduced taxpayer costs across the county.


Building Healthy Communities Through Literacy

Building Healthy Communities Through Literacy

What comes to mind when you think of UNC REX Healthcare? Exceptional doctors and nurses, the birth of your children, or cutting-edge technology may be front of mind, but did you know that UNC REX Healthcare partners with WakeEd Partnership to help children learn to...

Boosting Hourly Pay is One Way to Ease School Bus Driver Shortage

Boosting Hourly Pay is One Way to Ease School Bus Driver Shortage

For most people, the yellow school bus has a straightforward purpose: to get kids to and from school safely and in a timely manner each day. The concept is so simple it borders on mundane, but ask any school transportation official, bus driver, or school principal and it will be clear that the yellow school bus is perhaps the most crucial component of the school day for many kids.