Connecting the Dots

A lot of things can change over two decades.

For example, hundreds of thousands of people can move to Wake County, surging our population past one million residents. Education itself has changed and so have the voices wanting input on the way students are educated. Wake County is now more diverse than at any point in its history and we believe it\’s important to bring all of our voices together to create the best educational system for our entire community.

Our new logo has dots prominently featured, symbolizing the many voices that make up our community. It is a constant reminder that it will take everyone\’s involvement–businesses, parents and educators–to make a world class education system where students graduate ready to succeed in a global economy. Those dots surround us, WakeEd Partnership, because we exist to bring all voices together to improve the education system. \”WakeEd\” is in red to symbolize our passion for public education. The turquoise \”Partnership\” stands for the open communication we want to have with the the entire community.

When you add it all together, you have WakeEd Partnership–an organization committed to bringing all our community voices together in open conversation to improve education in the Wake County Public School System. We are proud to unite under this banner and the ideals it represents.

We encourage you to click through the gallery below and see how the logo will be used in the future.

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