Student Enrollment Proposal – Year 2

WCPSS will open five new schools next year – four elementary schools and one middle schools.   When new schools are opened, students are moved to fill those new schools.  The school enrollment plan then presents student movement to fill those new schools.  These students currently attend other nearby established schools.

We produced a short video last year that provides a very basic introduction to how and why student enrollment plans are necessary – Student Assignment: Where’s My Seat?  The first two minutes cover the nuts and bolts.

Additionally, the enrollment proposal seeks to relieve overcrowded schools, fill under-enrolled schools, align calendars, and improve transportation efficiencies.  In total, this means that the proposal impacts forty schools.

The first draft of the proposal was released on August 18.  Your input is desired and valued.  This past Tuesday, school board members spoke specifically about their desire for family and community input on this first draft.  (Note – you will need to create an account to post and view comments.)

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