Don’t You Forget About Me: Let the Wake Delegation Know Your Support For Budget Decisions NOW

Almost 40 year-round schools in WCPSS have been in session since July 7th. Educators at the remaining 130+ schools will receive students on August 24th.  This is just over two calendar weeks away.

And WCPSS is still operating on an interim budget. We need budget decisions.  Now.

As previously published, here are budget approaches that WakeEd supports.

Teacher Pay: Increase pay for teachers and fully fund a career pathways program for teachers.

 o   The HOUSE budget increases starting teacher salary to $35,000, provides a two percent increase for all teachers including those at the top of the pay schedule, and provides $200,000 for the Elevating Educators Act.

Continuation Budget: Include projected student enrollment growth in annual budget formulation for K-12 public education.

 o   ALL budgets provide an increase in funding for student enrollment growth.

Driver\’s Education: Restore funding for Driver\’s Education courses, or allow districts to assess fees to cover the full cost of providing the course.

 o   The HOUSE budget provides funding for Driver\’s Education.

School Infrastructure: Alternative sources of funding are necessary to help provide safe, effective learning environments for all students.

 o   The HOUSE proposal of a $2.9 billion bond package includes funding for construction of K-12 schools.

Pre-K Funding: WakeEd works to coordinate efforts and provide resources to improve early literacy skills for children from birth through third grade.

 o   The GOVERNOR\’S budget allocates funding to make Pre-K expansion permanent.


It is urgent that you reach out to our Wake County delegates assigned as budget conferees and let them know where we stand.

                   Wake Delegation – Budget Conferees

          House of Representative                         Senate

Nelson Dollar, Senior Chair                   John Alexander

Marilyn Avila, Vice Chair                      Chad Barefoot

Chris Malone, Vice Chair                     Tamara Barringer

Darren Jackson

Duane Hall

Brig. Gen. Gary Pendleton

Paul Stam

Don\’t You Forget About Me – Simple Minds (1982)

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