Ultimately, You Get What You Pay For

There is much discussion around what drives economic development.  Many WakeEd supporters believe that taxes provide necessary and appropriate funding for operating our schools.

We polled our investors and board members.  These individuals are business owners and business leaders in Wake County.  They rank investing in education as the greatest impact on stimulating economic growth.  Cutting taxes, both corporate and personal, was ranked as having the least impact.
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Further, 95 percent support recent increases in Wake County property taxes to support WCPSS operating funds.  And 89 percent support further increases in property taxes to support WCPSS operating funds.

Our supporters believe in public schools.  And they believe that cutting taxes further won’t create jobs or develop our public schools.

We are interested in knowing what you think.  You can access the same poll here.  (All responses are anonymous.  There is space to leave contact information if you choose.)

We encourage you to reach out to your Wake delegates and let them know where you stand on these issues.


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