Why Grade-Level Reading Matters

Being able to read on grade-level by the third grade can change a child’s life. For five years, WakeEd Partnership’s Partners Read program has placed mentors into Wake County Public Schools to read with developing first and second grade students and has provided...

Four NC Communities Receive National Honors for Literacy Initiatives

The national Campaign for Grade-Level Reading (CGLR) is recognizing four North Carolina communities for measurable progress on key indicators of early school success.  Read Charlotte in Mecklenburg County; Chatham Reads in Chatham County; Growing Moore Readers of Moore County and WAKE Up and Read in Wake County reported progress in 2017 for children from low-income families toward at least one CGLR indicator: school readiness, school attendance or summer learning.

Former Teacher Leaves $2.7 Million to Establish College Scholarship Program in Wake County

WakeEd Partnership is pleased to present the first class of Coach Bob Pittard Scholars. Mr. Pittard was a former teacher and graduate from Wake County Public Schools who left in his will financial capabilities and direction to establish a sustainable college scholarship fund for student athletes in Apex, North Carolina.

A-maize-ing PBL at Weatherstone Elementary School

While participating in WakeEd’s SummerSTEM program, Mrs. Sautro and Mrs. Rhyne from Weatherstone Elementary School were embedded in leading STEM companies and received coaching in the implementation of project-based learning.

SummerSTEM: Changing School Culture Through Project-Based Learning

This past July, Teresa Pierre led our SummerSTEM group to Red Hat, where we were immediately hooked by the presentation about their work process. I cannot imagine where else I would have been exposed to the Agile-based work management system called Scrum; yet, in the business world, it is practiced every day in many fields. The appeal of bringing this process to our school hit me, but was problematic to implement; changing the culture of a school is not a job for a few personnel alone.

Report: Teachers have the greatest impact on inspiring students to pursue STEM careers

There’s been a lot of buzz in recent years about exposing more K-12 students, especially girls and minorities, to STEM career fields. These fields are particularly male dominated, and they are among some of the highest-paying professions lately. However, the barriers...

Investor Spotlight: First Citizens Bank

First Citizens has served North Carolina for 121 years, so we know the difference public education has made and is making in our communities. Vibrant public schools are a critical engine for furthering economic growth.

WakeEd Wednesdays

WakeEd Wednesdays is a weekly series produced to simplify many of the complexities of North Carolina’s largest school district, the Wake County Public School System. With more than 180 schools, 160,000 students, and 11,000 teachers, WCPSS has a major impact on all Wake County residents regardless of whether they have children enrolled in the schools.

Meet the Investors: Duke Energy

Growing up in a family of educators, I’ve seen how education transforms lives. Now, I’m seeing its impact go much further to transform how we power our communities.

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Linking Wake County Schools with Businesses

WakeEd’s Link program brings businesses together with educators to create possibilities for students. Each year, business, nonprofit, and government leaders are paired with Wake County Public Schools. WakeEd collaborates with the Wake County Public School System to...

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Class Size Relief is Welcome, But Tough Choices Still Loom

The class size reduction compromise passed by the General Assembly this week is a mixed bag for local school districts. Among the positive outcomes are a multi-year approach to reducing class sizes, adding funding for program enhancement teachers, and eliminating the waiting list for pre-kindergarten classes.

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K-3 Class Size Update

The debate over K-3 class size has been a hot topic in Wake County over the past several months. How does recent news from the General Assembly impact our students and teachers? Tim Lavallee shares the latest on this important issue in this week's WakeEd Wednesdays...

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The WAKE Up and Read Book Drive

Literacy is a right, not a privilege. That's why the WAKE County community comes together annually to support the WAKE Up and Read Book Drive! In this episode of WakeEd Wednesdays, Elizabeth Santana from WAKE Up and Read shares how and why Wake County collects more...

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(Law) Partners Read in Wake County Schools

The discussion around workforce development often focuses on students' middle and high school experiences, but research suggests that student success can be predicted as early as grade three. From kindergarten to the third grade, students are learning to read, but...

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The Coach Bob Pittard Scholarship Program

  WakeEd is honored to present the Coach Bob Pittard Scholarship program for graduating seniors at Apex High School and Green Hope High School. This week’s WakeEd Wednesday video is a short introduction to the program! Watch to find out how you or your student could...

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The Role of Business in Education

"The role that the business community should play in education is a partnership." In our latest WakeEd Wednesdays video, WCPSS Hall of Fame inductee Jerry O'Connor shares insight on how businesses can partner with local schools to create unique opportunities for...

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How to Enroll Your Child in Kindergarten

It's Kindergarten registration time for future Wake County Public School System students! This week's WakeEd Wednesday video is a short "how-to" to get you started. Watch for step-by-step instructions for locating your child's base school and enrollment forms, and...

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Welcome to WakeEd Wednesdays

WakeEd Wednesdays is a new weekly video series produced by WakeEd Partnership that will provide useful information about Wake County Public Schools and public education issues in general. This first episode is an introduction to the new series. It explains how WakeEd...

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Cary Chamber: The Power of Partnerships

WakeEd Partnership has been exactly that to the Cary Chamber of Commerce – a partner. With a common mission to connect business resources and school needs, our collaborative efforts facilitate and champion programs and outreach that positively influence our students, teachers, and schools.

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Ubuntu Fest at Middle Creek High School

In November, Wake County students, teachers, and families gathered at Middle Creek High School to learn about South African culture and change the lives of children more than eight thousand miles away. Middle Creek’s second annual Ubuntu Fest featured student...

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Participate: Do Well By Doing Good

By: Michelle Macumber | Priority Partnerships Manager, Participate Success in business is not simply about being the best in the world, but being the best for the world. This is B Corp’s definition of success and it is what we strive for in the work that we do. Our...

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Public School Choice Can Be Found in WCPSS Magnet Schools

Parents in Wake County have a wealth of options for public school choice within the Wake County Public School System through the magnet school program that has been a cornerstone of the school system for more than 35 years. WCPSS has over 50 magnet schools across its...

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Building Bright Futures at River Bend Middle School

Before River Bend Middle School opened its doors in August  of 2017, River Bend teachers were getting free, hands-on professional development experiences through WakeEd's SummerSTEM program. Written by Stacey F. Weddle Principal, River Bend Middle School As a...

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WakeEd Celebrates Stars of Education

The fourth annual Stars of Education awards gala, presented by PNC Bank, was a resounding success! The Marriott City Center was aglow, as more than 400 guests lit up the room with PNC Bank bracelets, celebrating the role of the community in creating a light of opportunity for students in Wake County.

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WakeEd Partnership Honored With US2020 STEM Mentoring Award

This morning, US2020 announced that WakeEd Partnership (WakeEd), a business-backed nonprofit organization committed to improving public education in the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS), has been awarded the US2020 STEM Mentoring Award for Excellence in Public-Private Partnerships.

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Open Source Curriculum Shows Promise for WCPSS

Of the many changes that occurred with the shift to teaching Common Core State Standards perhaps the most noticeable to students, parents, and teachers alike was the move away from using textbooks in English Language Arts and Mathematics. It wasn’t by design that...

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