Attrition Report Ignores Serious ‘Brain Drain’ Among K-12 Teachers

According to a report about teacher attrition prepared for the State Board of Education this week, the fact only 7.5 percent of teachers have left the public schools to work in another industry or state is seen as an indicator of rising job satisfaction among teachers. It’s reasonable to draw that conclusion, but this is not a significant victory.

Boosting Hourly Pay is One Way to Ease School Bus Driver Shortage

For most people, the yellow school bus has a straightforward purpose: to get kids to and from school safely and in a timely manner each day. The concept is so simple it borders on mundane, but ask any school transportation official, bus driver, or school principal and it will be clear that the yellow school bus is perhaps the most crucial component of the school day for many kids.

Wake’s Leaders Chose Wisely with New Tax Rate

This year’s Wake County tax increase was a big step in the direction of adequate funding because state leaders persist in approving austere budgets which have left large and small counties alike with picking up the tab for services traditionally funded by the state.