Engaging Students Early with Career Conversations

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Engaging Students Early with Career Conversations

WakeEd Partnership Launches New Video Series on Career Pathways

When we help students visualize their futures as early as possible, we open doors for them to explore all the possibilities available to them. Now, with these unprecedented times, more than ever, students need access to opportunities to interact with our business community – opportunities that help them connect their passions, make meaning of knowledge and skills, and have greater awareness of all career pathways.

Through a new online program called Career Conversations, WakeEd Partnership is working to expand partnerships with employers and schools to deliver additional opportunities for all students to connect with diverse industries and employers, local leaders, role-models, and even potential mentors.

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Our first series of video interviews feature early and mid-career professionals from Microsoft, WRAL News, NC State University – College of Veterinary Medicine, Holderness Productions, and GoTriangle.

Traditionally, many schools host Career Conversations in-person, bringing guest speakers into classrooms. WakeEd is bringing these opportunities online, with the intention of expanding this library for years to come and feature a wider breadth of businesses and potential job roles.

“We’re excited to launch this new video series we believe will help students see career paths and opportunities that perhaps they never envisioned for themselves,” said WakeEd President Keith Poston. “Our schools prepare students to take advantage of opportunities, but these professionals and our business partners can really help them see what’s possible.”

For decades, WakeEd has been involved in efforts to expose all students to authentic, real-world learning experiences. The reality we have found is that teachers and career development counselors need greater support, as there simply are not enough hours in the day to create the necessary tools, host guest speakers, organize field trips, or develop video resources for their students. Most employers also find it challenging to scale education outreach due to geographic and curriculum barriers, leaving some students out because they lack access to a diverse business vertical in their local area.

Career Conversations was created to give all students the opportunity to hear professionals speak about their career and educational journey while providing insights for learners to explore their career pathways. In this first series, professionals share course recommendations, the importance of work culture, and the ways their roles have shifted during the current pandemic crisis.

WakeEd is inviting professionals from all industries to participate in Career Conversations. If you would like to share your knowledge with students and inspire the next generation of the workforce, visit our Career Conversations page to learn more.

Contributor: Cris Charbonneau, Managing Partner of cchange communications.
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About WakeEd Partnership 
WakeEd Partnership is an independent, nonprofit organization composed of business and community leaders committed to improving public education. Since 1983, the Partnership has advocated for excellent educational opportunities for all students in the Wake County Public School System.

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