Crossroads Flex: A New Type of High School For Today\’s Students

Studies of high school drop-outs have long shown that a significant number of students who leave high school before graduation do it because they can no longer attend school during the regular school day.

\"CrossroadsFLEXWCPSS, like all other school districts, has not been able to meet the needs of these students because of the constraints of regular school bell schedule — until now.

This August, WCPSS will open a new type of high school called Crossroads Flex High School just a few doors down Dillard Drive from the WCPSS central offices in Cary. The school will offer a flexible schedule which will have classes scheduled morning, noon, night, and online. The model resembles a college campus which would allow students to access the high school curriculum, complete their required credits, and collaborate on site when necessary, but still give them the ability to fulfill work or family obligations that may take place during “regular” school hours.

This effort is a direct action by Superintendent James Merrill, the school board, and the school department’s leadership to reduce the school district’s drop-out rate when circumstances are beyond the control of the student. But Crossroads Flex is not open to just anyone. Students must fill out an application to be considered, and the selection committee is looking for students who are self-motivated and ready to work independently.

The application deadline is May 6.

To learn more about Crossroads Flex, watch this video.

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