School Enrollment Plan – Second Draft

Changes have been made to the School Enrollment Plan first released by WCPSS staff back in August.

They reflect feedback that was provided by the community.  And let’s just say that the community did a great job of providing that feedback.  Senior Director Laura Evans reported more than 4,000 comments and suggestions on the first draft.  Those comments and suggestions were the basis for changes made in the second draft.

Changes made to the second draft can be summed up in these categories:

  • Minimize splitting of neighborhoods
  • Stability – aligning middle and high school boundaries or leave some neighborhoods as originally assigned
  • Reduce base size
  • Calendar Options
  • Calendar Alignment

The district continues to receive positive attention for listening and for responding to feedback.  The lead editorial in the Oct. 13th  News and Observer gave high praise to the district for taking community input into account when putting together the second draft.  School board member Susan Evans thanked Laura Evans and the entire student assignment office staff for coming to her Board Advisory Council meeting and answering questions.  Such positive attention regarding a school enrollment plan is most certainly notable.

The MindMixer site is still up and running and the district seeks your input on the second draft.  Four remaining community meetings are also on the calendar.  All start at 6:30 PM.

  • Oct. 9 – Wake Forest High (PAST)
  • Oct. 14 – Apex High
  • Oct.16 – Millbrook High
  • Oct. 23 – Southeast Raleigh High

Online or in person – if you have suggestions for the third draft of the student enrollment plan, make sure you share them with WCPSS.  They are listening.

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