Make a tax-deductible gift today.

Every dollar that you give helps strengthen Wake County schools, supporting teachers so they can set students up for success after graduation.


Through our secure Kindful link you can invest online using your credit or debit card.


Make checks out to Wake Education Partnership and include your email address on the memo line. Mail checks to:


Wake Education Partnership

3101 Industrial Drive, Suite 100

Raleigh, NC 27609


Many companies will match the gifts employees give to nonprofits. Talk with your employer to determine the matching gift policy. We are happy to work with individuals and companies to accept these gifts.

United Way

If your workplace is participating in a United Way campaign, designate your gift to WakeEd Partnership and invest directly in Wake County Public Schools. Use the “Organizational Search” feature to find WakeEd Partnership on the United Way Agency Partners list.


If you are over 70 ½, you are required to take distributions from an IRA. Instead of creating a taxable event for yourself, make the distribution a charitable gift using all or a portion of your mandatory withdrawal amount (up to $100,000 total, per person).

Retirement Plans

IRAs, 401(K), 403(B) and other retirement accounts grow tax-deferred, often becoming quite large over the years. Unlike many other types of investments, funds withdrawn from retirement accounts can be taxable to you and, eventually, to your heirs. Designate WakeEd as the beneficiary of your retirement account.

Life Insurance

If you have a life insurance policy that you no longer need, donate it to WakeEd Partnership to take advantage of a charitable tax deduction. You’ll benefit from an income tax deduction equal to the replacement value of the policy or the tax basis, whichever is less. 

Planned Giving

A charitable bequest to WakeEd Partnership, whether a specific amount or a percentage of your estate, will allow you to create a philanthropic legacy while providing estate tax releif. 

Contributions to Wake Education Partnership are deemed charitable under section 501(a) of the internal revenue code as an organization described in Section 501(c)(3). Payments must be received before the end of the calendar year to be eligible for a tax deduction in that year.
In making a gift to Wake Education Partnership that involves designated funding, 15% of the amount donated will be withheld by Wake Education Partnership to apply to the administrative costs involved in implementing the designated program.

Cornerstone Investors

WakeEd is especially grateful to all of our financial supporters and we would like to recognize our Cornerstone Investors. They are a distinguished group that supports WakeEd’s work at the $10,000 level and above, providing the cornerstone of our financial foundation. To join the list of Cornerstone Investors shown below, contact Keith Poston, President at (919) 780-5205 or

 WakeEd Partnership

  3101 Industrial Drive, Suite 100

  Raleigh, NC 27609 | (919) 821-7609

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WakeEd Partnership

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