Girls in STEM at Carroll Magnet Middle School

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Girls in STEM at Carroll Magnet Middle School

By: Mary Samuels Szabo | STEM Teacher & Coach, Carroll Magnet Middle School

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According to the Women\’s Media Center, men still dominate media in the U.S. by receiving 63% of all byline and other credits in print, internet, tv, and wire news. Through exposing a diverse group of students early on to media careers and the skills needed to be successful in those roles, the goal of Carroll Magnet Middle School\’s broadcasting class is for students to develop a new interest in a career field they might not have seen themselves in otherwise.

Earlier this year, Carroll Magnet Middle School partnered with local television station The CW22 through WakeEd’s Link program to help 7th and 8th grade broadcasting students develop both technical and communication skills needed to produce Carroll’s daily news show, the Carroll News Network.

Beyond working to develop stories, every student is working daily with the technology and equipment needed to pursue the STEM side of media involved in making high-quality videos. As the connection with The CW22 continues, Carroll will continue to build out an inclusive program where students of diverse backgrounds are able to share stories about themselves and their community.

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Preparing for our daily news segment by practicing our writing skills, speaking skills, and filming with @DoInkTweets. #WeAreCarroll

— Mary Samuels Szabo (@MarySzabo52) August 30, 2019

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Thxs @thecw22 for visiting @CmmsNewsNetwork today and sharing tips and feedback to make our @CMMSCougars broadcast even better! We can't wait to visit you! #WeAreCarroll

— Mary Samuels Szabo (@MarySzabo52) March 5, 2020

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