Meet the Investors: UNC Rex Healthcare

\"BoardUNC REX Healthcare supports WakeEd Partnership because the vitality of our market, Wake County – and our own success as a major employer and recruiter of talent – depend upon quality, effective public schools.

As the son of a long-time public school teacher in Forsyth County, I saw firsthand the difference that a committed and compassionate classroom teacher can make in a student’s life. Over a lifetime of teaching, one educator can enrich the lives of thousands of students. I want that same type of individual to teach – and make a difference – in Wake County Public Schools. And just as importantly, once they start teaching in Wake County Public Schools, I want them to remain teaching in Wake County Public Schools. As Chair of the Board this year, I will continue driving WakeEd’s focus on classroom teachers, and further develop its role in advocacy for high-quality, and highly effective public schools.

Wake County Public Schools only have 13 years to educate our future employees and leaders – too short a time to be subjected to a lack of commitment or resources. As a result, it’s vital that the business community continues to invest in and support our schools. UNC REX Healthcare is a long-time supporter of education here in Wake County. I’m proud to work for an organization and alongside colleagues who believe in the importance of public education and commit both time and finances to support it.

Aside from a committed relationship with WakeEd to advocate for improvements in public education, UNC REX Healthcare actively supports educational opportunities in a variety of ways. For Wake Tech students, we host preceptorships and ongoing clinical mentoring. For Wake County Public School students and teachers, we provide speakers for career days and expertise in niche areas such as culinary excellence. For Alice Aycock Poe Center for Health Education visitors, we support healthy eating, active lifestyles and demonstrate why doing so is great for a family’s health.

UNC REX’s global partnerships with NC State University and Innovate Raleigh allow for more research and technology to foster greater discoveries and innovation. And, our support for the arts through the NC Symphony helps make music education accessible in our community and across the state. We believe this engagement is essential for overall community health improvement.

When my wife Audrey and I were starting our careers, we considered different cities across the nation where we might want to live. Knowing that we wanted a family someday, we consciously focused on communities with strong public school systems. The strength of Wake County Public Schools was one of the principal factors that made us choose Raleigh of all these cities. I have no doubt that younger generations of professionals are doing and will do the same, and I want them too to consider and select Wake County.   We, as a business community, need them to do so as well.


Don Esposito

Board Chair, WakeEd Partnership

General Counsel, UNC Rex Healthcare

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