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\"WaltIf there is one thing that attorneys everywhere understand very well, it is the power of a good education.

Brooks Pierce considers it not only a privilege to partner with Wake Education Partnership, but a responsibility.

For nearly 120 years, Brooks Pierce has been one of the leading corporate law firms in North Carolina.  Our firm has a reputation for excellence in multiple and evolving practice areas, including commercial litigation and transactions, education law, intellectual property, and digital enterprise and privacy.

Brooks Pierce attorneys have put their legal knowledge and experience to work for WakeEd Partnership for many years.  Bob Saunders provides counsel for Wake Ed on non-profit and tax issues.  I have served on the Board of Directors for six years, and I currently sit as the executive committee’s “Counselor at Large.”

Another way our firm supports WakeEd is through its business-to-school mentorship programs.  Some of WakeEd’s programs focus on preparing students for success by partnering with local businesses to encourage early childhood literacy, give students exposure to future career opportunities, and provide additional training in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

In our work with WakeEd, we have participated in programs that allow businesses to help students design career paths and provide training opportunities for teachers. One of these programs that WakeEd provides is the World Cafe, a roundtable connecting teachers with business leaders to identify STEM opportunities for students.  I recently participated in this program with colleague Jessica Thaller-Moran.  I was very impressed by the ideas and energy of the school representatives we met.  It is easy to see how WakeEd’s program uniquely helps students and improves businesses’ dialogue with other members of the community.

Brooks Pierce believes that it should support the Wake County Public School System in leading, instructing, and nurturing the next generation of community leaders.  WakeEd helps Brooks Pierce support local schools and their teachers and students, and for that we are very thankful.

Walt Tippett, Partner

Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard

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