Intern Profile: Megan Ashley


I have lived in Richmond, Virginia my entire life, but have always loved visiting North Carolina. Ever since I was young, I spent most of my weekends in Winston-Salem with my grandparents and always called it my second home. I loved spending time with them baking, being outdoors, and rooting on the Demon Deacons.

My mother works at the University of Richmond, a small private university. She works with fundraising and alumnae relations. My mother’s working there had a huge influence on the colleges I considered during my senior year of high school. When it was time for me to apply, I looked at Meredith College and it felt like home from the first time I stepped foot on campus. I just knew that the small tight-knit community would be the right place for me. I have flourished during my time at Meredith, discovering my talents and creating my path for the future. I will be graduating in May of 2016 with a degree in Interpersonal Communication and a minor in Psychology.

I love helping other people. Whether it is an act of service or a big smile to make someone’s day brighter – the little things do make a big difference. Any way that I can leave a positive impression is important to me. I also love to use my creativity to design and plan events. Looking toward the future, I would love to incorporate these two passions and work in special events at a nonprofit organization. I want to be able to see my visions become reality while working for a cause.

As I was looking for an internship last semester, a friend mentioned WakeEd Partnership and was telling me nothing but magnificent things. I decided to explore it, since I have an interest in developing my knowledge of special events at a nonprofit. I wanted to have an internship where I would gain experience seeing the processes it takes to see an event from start to finish. My passion for helping others is what has drawn me to work at a nonprofit, and I am interested to experience the difference that WakeEd makes on the public schools in Wake County. I felt that this internship would be a wonderful opportunity to explore this field further. During my short time at WakeEd, I have loved it, and I am excited to see what I am going to learn this semester!

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