Purposeful Choice

The Board of Education gave first round approval to changes regarding student transfer policies Tuesday night. The changes have been recommended as part of a policy migration and updating process.  Changes include a new numbering system.  For example, Student Assignment has been known as Policy 6200.  Along with 6202 School Assignment Plan, 6203 Transfer of School Assignment, and 6204 Temporary Membership Capping, they will now be known together as Policy 4150.

Changes to the policy include reassigning transfer students back to their base school.  Transfer students have not been subject to reassignment in the past.  Additionally, staff may determine that an uncapped school may not receive transfer students.  This would allow a school to retain some capacity for expected growth in its base population.

Board member Dr. Jim Martin emphasized that changes to the transfer policy, “prioritizes base over transfers.”  He continued, “We don’t want to have schools that are overloaded with transfers.”  In effect, managing the number of transfer students creates more capacity for base students.

Martin summed up the changes as providing, “choice with a purpose.”

Policy changes will be complete prior to the early transfer application period from February 8-12.

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