The “Shark Tank” of WakeEd\’s World Cafe

“I’m out.” It’s the worst thing a contestant can hear on the hit ABC show Shark Tank.

Each week, millions of viewers tune in to watch entrepreneurs pitch ideas to billionaires who agree to “buy in” to those ideas. On January 5 from 7:30a – 11:45a, WCPSS educators will get a similar opportunity.

Just like last year, our annual STEM and Global Studies World Café, hosted at Biogen and sponsored by BASF, will pair dozens of businesses with educators to form real bonds. These partnerships impact students and increase the relevance and engagement in our schools.

Additionally, four schools will be invited to participate in our Idea Crucible. Just like Shark Tank, educators will compete for a grand prize of $3,000 by presenting innovative ideas that can significantly impact their classrooms to a panel of respected judges. Unlike Shark Tank, all four of our competitors are guaranteed to walk away with at least $1,000. They will be the first recipients of our Teacher Innovations Grants.

If your company hasn’t signed up to participate yet, this is one of the best ways you can get involved in Wake County Public School System. Visit to get more information.

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