Chapter 1 of a New School Year

As the new school year is here and these are some facts and figures to consider.

$80 Million – one-time funding WCPSS received last year for teacher assistants; still under negotiation for this school year

$3 Million – Driver’s Education funding received last year; still under negotiation for this school year

2,550 – teacher assistants working in WCPSS right now

900 – teachers hired during for the start of this school year

     600 – experienced, but new to WCPSS

     300 – new to the profession and new to WCPSS

$750 – one-time bonus for teachers proposed for the 2015-2016 school year

Unknown – whether or not teachers will move forward one step on the experience-based pay scale.

     Teachers moved forward one step last year.  Steps had been frozen for multiple years prior to that.

100 – WCPSS teacher vacancies at the start of this school year

150 – additional teachers needed if state funding is required to be used to lower class size instead of funding teacher assistants

10 Percent – roughly the percent of state education numbers represented by WCPSS.

Countless – number of parents glad to see the start of the school year!

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