$44.6 Million to Wake County Schools: Wake County Commissioners Approve Budget

The Wake County Board of Commissioners voted Monday to approve an amended budget.

This budget provides a $44.6 million increase over last year\’s local fiscal support to the Wake County Public School System.  The total amount of support for WCPSS will be $386 million.

An increase of $34.6 million for WCPSS initially was proposed by Wake County Manager Jim Hartmann.  The Wake County Board of Education budget requested an increase of $48.3 million.  The total request for support was $389.8 million.

The extra $10 million of financial support will be provided by the addition of .75 cents to the initially proposed 2.9 cents tax increase.  The total property tax rate will now be 61.45 cents (per $100 of value).

More information on the adopted Wake County budget will be included in this week\’s IN Context.

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