Wake Education Partnership Announces Rebrand As WakeEd

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Wake Education Partnership Announces Rebrand As WakeEd

New brand enhances mission for educational excellence in Wake County public schools


Raleigh, N.C., Feb. 23, 2015Wake Education Partnership, a nonprofit that works to connect public schools and the business community, today announced that it is rebranding as WakeEd. For more than 32 years, WakeEd has been the number one facilitator of business relationships with the Wake county Public School System (WCPSS). The organization’s efforts to create a better school system have placed more than one million dollars directly into the hands of teachers, encouraged best practices throughout the school system and informed the community on the issues affecting WCPSS. For more than a year, the nonprofit has worked to develop new strategies to increase its effectiveness in the business community and community-at-large as part of a $39,462 John Rex Endowment grant.

\"NewWakeEd worked with the consulting firm Armstrong McGuire to rebrand the organization, creating a new strategic focus and a mission to engage, inform and mobilize the business community and community-at-large in collaboration with the Wake County Public School System to provide every student with excellent educational opportunities, highly effective teachers, and strong leaders. WakeEd hopes to involve the entire community of Wake County in improving WCPSS schools.


Through grant monies received from the John Rex Endowment, WakeEd partnered with the marketing firm BC/DC to create a new logo. The dots surrounding the WakeEd name symbolize how the organization works as a catalyst to bring all voices to the table. In addition to a new logo and tagline, the rebranding also included a redesigned and fully responsive website – http://wakeed.org. Whether they are an educator, parent or business person, users will now be able to easily access information on how they can get involved with the nonprofit.



“WakeEd has a bold, new vision to make sure every WCPSS student graduates with the skills to succeed in a global economy,” said WakeEd President Steve Parrott. “To reach that goal, we will need to form a partnership with everyone in Wake County. Our new strategic focus will carry WakeEd through many more decades of successful partnerships between the school system, businesses and greater community.”


“WakeEd has been such a vital part of the community for more than 30 years and this rebranding effort helps us update our public face,” said Chairwoman and SAS Director of Education Initiatives, Caroline McCullen. “When businesses partner with schools it leads to stronger communities and a stronger economy.”



– For more information about WakeEd and the rebrand, visit their website at http://wakeed.org.



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About Wake Education Partnership:
Wake Education Partnership is an independent, non-profit organization comprised of business and community leaders committed to improving public education. Since 1983, the Partnership has advocated for excellent educational opportunities for all students in the Wake County Public School System. For more information, please visit http://wakeedpartnership.org.

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