Opening “Circuits” of Understanding with Wake Tech

By Elise Saenger-Heyl

Have you ever thought about learning as a circuit? Our Wake Technical Community College experience today involved us experiencing how electrical circuits are created. As I worked to make a light turn on, I thought about how we hope to inspire cyclical learning in our students through PBL. Asking a guiding question should lead to inquiry and engagement in content, leading to more questioning and further inquiry and so on.

Seeing content standards in real-world application was very valuable for us as educators. Realizing the authenticity aspect of PBL helped us consider ways to ensure we cultivate those connections- those circuits of learning –  for our students.

We also had the opportunity to look at data collected on what businesses are looking for in their new hires. What businesses seek are soft skills – essential skills like taking initiative, self discipline and responsibility. Through PBL, students have the opportunity to develop communication, collaboration, and more.

As a new teacher, I look forward to starting from a place where questions and inquiry are valued to instill in my students a sense of wondering from August to June!

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