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Kathy Stefanou

A native of Jacksonville High School, graduate of Campbell University, came to Millbrook in 1970 and spent her entire career at Millbrook High School.  Kathy Stefanou is in the minority of Wake County teacher/coach that actually spent her entire career at one school.  She taught health and physical education and her coaching experience developed in basketball, volleyball, softball, track and cheerleading.  Over time, volleyball became the sport she coached the longest (32 years).    She was one of the driving forces taking athletics from the GAA (Girls Athletic Association- a club) to competitive women’s athletics in Wake County.  Under the direction of Louis Capps (Athletic Director), the administrators and fellow Wake County athletic directors in the conference agreed to support women athletes and voted basketball to be a conference sport.  As time passed, the conference voted for volleyball, softball, track, tennis and eventually all the sports existing today as well as JV teams.  Kathy’s day consisted of teaching 5 classes and coaching 3 sports in a school year.  This coaching scheduled trimmed over the years to only volleyball.

During this time 42 Millbrook players went to play volleyball in various colleges and universities and one playing on a pro team in Europe and the beach volleyball circuit in California as well as, one becoming the youngest Division I coach in the country at that time.

The Millbrook story goes beyond wins and losses for all those involved in the “family” as far as Coach Stefanou is concerned. The program represents all the players, coaches, and parents who worked together to reach both individual and team goals.

Reflecting over the 32 years growing athletically from a 2A to 4A with most of the athletes playing three sports and their parents were MHS graduates.  “I feel blessed with the privilege of sharing my working days to Millbrook.  The longtime relationships developed from all aspects of education has been invaluable.”

Kathy Stefanou was inducted into the Wake County Public School System Hall of Fame in 2018.

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