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Stars of Education

“The Stars of Education celebration on October 12 is a great way for business leaders, elected officials, and the community-at-large to show how much they appreciate our public schools. Together with our educators, these community and business leaders have made a lasting impact in the lives of Wake County Public School System students.”

– Dr. Jim Merrill, WCPSS Superintendent.

Wake Education Partnership hosts many events to celebrate educators, honor community members, and improve education in Wake County. We’d love to see you in-person and partner with you to improve education in Wake County.


Pieces of gold

For more than 30 years, Pieces of Gold has helped keep arts education alive in Wake County public schools. The show features performances by more than 21,000 Wake County public school students, and functions as both an artistic showcase and fundraising benefit.

Stars fo Education

Honor the educators who are making Wake work at the annual Stars of Education.


Friends of Education
hall of fame