Welcome to STEMposium 2020!

Our school buildings may be closed, but great things are still happening for students in the Wake County Public School System. In 2019, WakeEd’s SummerSTEM program empowered 100+ K-12 teachers to bring real-world lessons to the classroom through partnerships with leading STEM organizations in the Triangle.

Explore this page and take part in our virtual STEMposium! Meet some of the inspired teachers and dedicated business partners who are going above and beyond for Wake County students. View their presentations to see the impact of strategic business-school partnerships and project-based learning on student achievement and career-readiness.

Celebrate our teachers online using the hashtag #WakeEdSummerSTEM!

Together, We Can Do More

Wake County businesses are making a difference in our public schools.

What is SummerSTEM? 
Each summer through WakeEd’s SummerSTEM program, 100 educators from the Wake County Public School System engage in hands-on professional development experiences designed to bring real-world lessons to the classroom. Educators are embedded in leading STEM businesses and organizations. They receive coaching and direct instruction related to project-based learning.


Agriculture is an essential business that requires a tremendous amount of time, research, and collaboration. Meet some of the BASF scientists in Research Triangle Park (RTP) who are bringing critical STEM careers to life for students in Wake County, North Carolina.


Giving back to the community is a key part of IBM’s DNA. In the Triangle alone, IBM employees give more than 21,000 volunteer hours annually to programs like WakeEd Partnership’s SummerSTEM program.

Parker Lord

Scientists and engineers at Parker Lord Corporation are passionate about working with teachers to bring real-world STEM experiences to students. SummerSTEM teachers participated in tours, simulations, and panel discussions with employees, designed to demonstrate the importance of the 4Cs.

The Raleigh Chamber

The Raleigh Chamber understands that Wake County educators play a critical role in the talent pipeline, ensuring that students in North Carolina’s largest school district have the skills and experience necessary to be successful after graduation.

Thank You to all of our SummerSTEM Hosts!

Project-Based Learning in the Classroom

What is Project-Based Learning? 
Project-Based Learning (PBL) is a dynamic, student-centered instructional approach in which students acquire deeper knowledge by exploring real-world problems.

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

STEMposium 2020

Ballentine Elementary School

Research & Environment

Inspired by her immersion experiences, kindergarten teacher Kristen Lucidi-Doty engaged her students in problem-solving and the 4Cs through two STEM units about animals. Her class also worked with fourth grade students to improve their research.

What are the 4Cs? 
One of the goals outlined in Vision2020, the WCPSS strategic plan, is to implement a balanced assessment system that measures students’ knoweldge as well as the 4Cs: collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking.

Hortons Creek Elementary School


Christine Smith and Jasmin Rowdy teamed up to engage Hortons Creek fifth graders in an authentic architecture PBL that challenged students to design home plans and models, address client questions, and consider environmental impact, using the 4Cs. 

Lynn Road Elementary School

Business & Entrepreneurship

AIG Teacher Gloria Lamm challenged students at Lynn Road Elementary school with an entrepreneurship PBL designed to help students understand how companies thrive and grow to make a global impact.

Celebrate our teachers online using the hashtag #WakeEdSummerSTEM!

Apex Middle School


Science teachers Sharon Baumgarten and Christine Roller asked students to research and take a position on the use of biotechnology in North Carolina. In teams, students addressed specific scenarios related to the economic benefits, ethics, and impact of biotechnology on agriculture.

Carroll Magnet Middle School

Environment & Medicine

Social studies teachers Andrea Sharpe and Elizabeth Harrod used PBL to ask students to improve the health of communities using resources around them.

Salem Middle School


For their PBL unit, Jennifer Howland and Joyce Sugg asked students to track the spread of a disease through the State Fair. Through research and patient interviews, students were challenged to identify the pathogen and create PSAs about disease prevention.

Athens Drive Magnet High School

Business & HR

Loresha Phillips and Melonie Carlton challenged Business Management students to identify ways to prepare students for success in the trades industry. Groups of students recruited and evaluated “employees” for companies and provided training to improve soft skills. 

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