In Context

WakeEd’s In Context newsletter is a monthly deep-dive into education issues impacting the Wake County Public School System.

Even in large organizations like WCPSS focusing on finer details contributes to overall success

It can be easy to overlook details that tell a larger story while running a $1.6 billion organization with more than 19,000 employees, but as the saying goes: the devil is in the details.

Class Size Relief is Welcome, But Tough Choices Still Loom

The class size reduction compromise passed by the General Assembly this week is a mixed bag for local school districts. Among the positive outcomes are a multi-year approach to reducing class sizes, adding funding for program enhancement teachers, and eliminating the waiting list for pre-kindergarten classes.

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Public School Choice Can Be Found in WCPSS Magnet Schools

Parents in Wake County have a wealth of options for public school choice within the Wake County Public School System through the magnet school program that has been a cornerstone of the school system for more than 35 years. WCPSS has over 50 magnet schools across its...

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Open Source Curriculum Shows Promise for WCPSS

Of the many changes that occurred with the shift to teaching Common Core State Standards perhaps the most noticeable to students, parents, and teachers alike was the move away from using textbooks in English Language Arts and Mathematics. It wasn’t by design that...

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Local Control is Right for School Calendar Law

It’s official. No one can agree on the best time to start the school year. A recent report from the NC General Assembly’s Program Evaluation Division (PED) found that certain start dates are favored more than others, but none poll at a rate high enough to say with...

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