Connecting teachers with business leaders to create possibilities for students


“If you look at history, innovation doesn’t just come from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect.

-Steven Johnson | Author, Where Good Ideas Come From and Mind Wide Open

WakeEd’s Link program brings businesses together with educators to create possibilities for students.

Each year, business, nonprofit, and government leaders are paired with Wake County Public Schools. WakeEd collaborates with the Wake County Public School System to match educational needs with business time and talent resources. During focused networking sessions, participants work together to bring innovative classroom and school-wide projects to life – projects that enrich student learning for years to come.

Link was created to help students meet the challenges of a fast-paced, dynamic world.

Sponsored and Hosted by Duke Energy

World Cafe

Link evolved from WakeEd’s annual World Cafe event, which paired Wake County educators with businesses for focused networking sessions. Educators participated in two 30-minute rounds of networking with business and community leaders to explore ways to collaborate on classroom or school-wide projects. Four schools also had the opportunity to “pitch” their innovative project ideas to a panel of judges to receive funding.

“My first World Cafe experience was an eye-opening, energizing one. The dedication, forward thought process and enthusiasm emanating from the educators involved inspires me to help the young people they teach in any way I possibly can.” 

-John Hummel | General Manager, Sinclair Broadcasting Group

2018 Matches

In February, several Wake County schools were paired with local companies to create possibilities for students. Although Link partnerships begin at the launch event, they will continue to make a difference in Wake County classrooms throughout the year.  Click to See What Happened

Athens Drive Magnet High School


Brentwood Magnet Elementary School


Bugg Magnet Elementary School


East Wake Middle School



Green Magnet Elementary School


Stough Magnet Elementary School


Vernon Malone College and Career Academy


Walnut Creek Elementary School


Wiley Magnet Elementary School