The Wake County Public School System Hall of Fame

The Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) Hall of Fame honors outstanding educators, alumni and community leaders who through their lives have either deeply impacted WCPSS or, as an alumnus, dramatically added  to the quality of life in our city, state or nation.

Honorees are inducted into the Hall of Fame each year at WakeEd’s Stars of Education event.


Inaugural Class of 2013:

Education – Bill McNeal

Business – Ann Goodnight

Arts – Elizabeth Grimes Droessler

Athletics – David West

Community – Sherry Worth

Entrepreneurship – Zach Clayton

Class of 2014:

Education – Dudley Flood

Business – Sherwood Smith

Arts – Kip Caton

Athletics – Webb Simpson

Community – Hannah Poteat

Entrepreneurship – Chas Scarantino

Class of 2015:

Education – Valerie Brown Schild, inducted posthumously

Business – Tom Oxholm

Arts – Marshall Butler

Athletics – Bobby Guthrie

Community Service – Nita Fulbright, inducted posthumously

Entrepreneurship – Gary Greene

Class of 2016:

Education – Richard Murphy, inducted posthumously

Business – Orage Quarles, III

Arts – Bob Rankin

Athletics – Bob Catapano

Community Service – Wanda Denning

Entrepreneurship – Nancy Olson, inducted posthumously

Class of 2017:

Education – Dr. William Freitag

Community Service – Ann Smith

Business – Bill Seyler & Jerry O’Connor

Entrepreneurship – Billie Redmond

Athletics – LeVelle Moton

Arts – Ira David Wood III

Class of 2018:

Education – Diane Payne

Community Service – Linda Johnson

Business – Alex Holmes

Entrepreneurship – Terrence and Torry Holt

Athletics – Kathy Stefanou

Arts – Lauren Kennedy Brady