As educators, you are on the front lines of education. Just like you, we believe every student deserves an excellent public education, and we want to partner with you to make that happen.

One of our biggest goals is to support teachers. We fill in the gaps for public education. We work to create and facilitate professional development for educators in various areas of leadership and STEM education. Our Teacher Innovation Grants program provides funding for innovative classroom instruction and initiatives to support Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) priorities. We also connect business volunteers with schools to meet defined instructional needs.

As an independent nonprofit, we work to keep educators up-to-date on the latest education issues without bias. Our team is here to provide clear, independent commentary and review of education policy issues. We strive to see all sides of the issue and pick a path that moves students and teachers forward.

Public education is an essential piece to a thriving community. It remains relevant by growing and changing with the world. We need diverse perspectives to strengthen community support for education. We bring all of the strongest, smartest voices to the table to solve problems that make a difference for our county’s students and teachers.

Investments in WakeEd have already impacted public education in Wake County. We’re making a difference:

  • Since our Teacher Innovation Grants were created, we have invested $1 million in innovative learning experiences for students.
  • Publishes original research to guide education policy in Wake County and our state.
  • In 2014, our Teacher Innovation Grants reached more than 4,400 students and helped teachers travel more than 1,000 miles to improve education.
  • Honors the top educators in our community with Vernon Malone Friend of Education Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award for those who have dedicated his/her professional or personal life to the field of public education.
  • Maintains the WCPSS Hall of Fame to honor outstanding educators in our community.
  • Our Early Literacy Program distributed dozens of Literacy Tool Kits to parents to give them the tools to bring literacy home for students.
  • Our STEMpact programs bring business leaders together with educators to match financial and in-kind resources with learning opportunities.

Learn How WakeEd Works:                           

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