WakeEd’s Public Policy Agenda Focus: Teachers, Standards, Students

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As the North Carolina General Assembly opens its long session on January 25, WakeEd Partnership has released its Public Policy Agenda (PDF) with an emphasis on teacher talent management, improving school accountability measures, and ensuring student equity for all. The document is organized under three main topics: Properly Value the Teaching Profession, Align Academic Standards… Read more »

Fewer WCPSS Teachers Leaving Profession

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The latest report on teachers leaving WCPSS had good news for the school system, but there is still work to do. Overall, 11.29 percent of WCPSS teachers either left the profession, left to teach in another state, or left to teach elsewhere in North Carolina. This number is better than the 13.4 percent rate statewide…. Read more »

Principal and AP Compensation Committee Hears from Experts Who Urge Paying for Professionalism

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The path to a new formula for paying school-based administrators is proving to be hard to find. At its first meeting in October, the Joint Legislative Study Committee on School-Based Administrator Pay reviewed a proposal to eliminate the current complicated salary schedule for school principals and the insufficient salary schedule for assistant principals in favor… Read more »

Principal Pay Plan Calls for End to Pay Scale

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The initial plan to restructure the way school principals are paid in North Carolina calls for an end of the complicated pay scale. In its place, lawmakers propose giving superintendents the power to negotiate salaries with principals, and to provide performance bonuses. Lawmakers from the Joint Legislative Study Committee on School-Based Administrator Pay presented a… Read more »

School-Based Administrators Get Small Raise; Pay Scale Overhaul Coming

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While teacher pay has dominated the headlines and discussion school school-based administrators have waited even longer for salary increases. Principals and assistants principals have not seen any meaningful salary scale adjustments and pay rate ranks 50th in the nation. The state budget didn’t increase school-based administrator pay a great deal this year; just 1.5 percent continuing and… Read more »

Education Budgets Update

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The state and local budget processes are in their final stages, and there’s a great deal at stake on their final versions. Locally, there’s concern that over the difference between what the schools are requesting and what the county is offering. At the state level teachers are awaiting word on what type of raise they… Read more »

Teacher Raises Reality in Local Supplement Increase

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The NC legislature approved and passed a budget in September that provided all teachers with a $750 increase in salary and a one-step advancement on the teacher pay schedule. But back in June, the Wake County Commissioners approved a budget that provided an additional $44.6 million.  Supt. Merrill specifically requested funds to increase teacher pay… Read more »

State Budget Update

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state budget update

The conferees working on the state budget have agreed on the amount they will spend: $21.74 billion. This is $265 million more than the budget passed by the Senate, and $420 million less than the budget passed by the House. The House budget funded Driver Education and maintained funding for teaching assistants. If the agreement… Read more »