WakeEd’s Public Policy Agenda Focus: Teachers, Standards, Students

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As the North Carolina General Assembly opens its long session on January 25, WakeEd Partnership has released its Public Policy Agenda (PDF) with an emphasis on teacher talent management, improving school accountability measures, and ensuring student equity for all. The document is organized under three main topics: Properly Value the Teaching Profession, Align Academic Standards… Read more »

WCPSS Seeking to Add More ‘Charter-Like’ Schools

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The “restart” model for high-needs schools will expand to 10 more WCPSS schools next year. Last week, the state Board of Education approved the application submitted by WCPSS to restart five more elementary schools and five middle schools. All of which are schools that need to improve their test scores. The school system “relaunched” Walnut… Read more »

Legislative Session Ends with Bang and Fizzle

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Members of the General Assembly called this year’s legislative session “short,” but it was anything other than short when considering the number of education reforms addressed. Some passed, some failed. Either way, there’s harbingers for what’s ahead in next year’s long session. The budget, which is awaiting final signature by Gov. Pat McCrory, had perhaps the… Read more »

A Helpful Guide to Understanding School Performance Grades

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School Performance Grade – calculated by weighting and combining two other scores: achievement and growth.  Achievement counts 80 percent of the total grade.  Growth counts 20 percent. Achievement – primarily test scores.  In elementary and middle school, these includes math and language arts end-of-grade tests in grades three through eight.  Science is tested in grades… Read more »

Where Are They Now? Education Bills Edition

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The last week of April featured the all-important legislative crossover deadline. WakeEd has been following several bills that address drivers education funding, teacher pay, financial flexibility, and calendar flexibility.  We thought a review of how these bills have moved through the General Assembly would be helpful. As a reminder, bills that are introduced must be… Read more »

Prioritize Achievement AND Reward Growth

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On February 5, the NC Department of Public Instruction released the new school report cards. The report cards are new because they feature a letter grade for each school. The letter grade is known as the School Performance Grade, and it is determined by a formula that considers an achievement score and a growth score… Read more »