Schools, County Agree to 7-year School Building Plan

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A new era of school construction planning is here. The Wake County Board of Education and the Wake County Board of Commissioners have agreed, after a year of intense collaboration, to a 7-year school construction plan that will keep school construction moving along without a bond referendum until 2018. Both boards approved the plan to… Read more »

The Hidden Cost of Unprecedented Growth

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“And, as usual, we’re opening five new schools this coming year.” – Tom Benton, WCPSS School Board Only in Wake County – the fastest growing county in the state – would five new schools opening in one year be considered “usual.” Some school districts don’t open five schools in five years.   Of course, Wake County… Read more »


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A long time ago in a county that may just be your own, Wake County voters approved a bond referendum to support much needed construction and renovation of Wake County public schools. It was 2013, which may not seem like that long ago, but it is. Wake County Public School System enrollment has grown by… Read more »

Swing Space – (Not the Dancing Kind)

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On Jan. 19, the Board of Education received an update on renovation plans for Apex High.  Staff recommended a full teardown and rebuild ($70.6 million) rather than a partial teardown and rebuild ($69 million). One issue that must be addressed is how long a relocated Apex High will have to reside in swing space. When… Read more »

Capping Schools

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Fifteen schools will be capped for the 2016-2017 school year in WCPSS.  When a school is capped, it means that an enrollment limit has been established.  If that enrollment limit is reached, then even families who move into the base attendance area of that school cannot attend there.  They will be offered seats at a… Read more »

Final Approval of the Student Enrollment Plan

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On Tuesday night, the 2016-17 Student Enrollment Proposal was approved by the school board. The plan moves approximately 3,300 students, or roughly two percent of the student population.  According to a WCPSS Media Advisory, about half of those students will be eligible to grandfather at their current schools.  A list of ways the proposal has… Read more »

Capped Schools List Grows

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The number of schools with capped enrollment is recommended to grow from 11 to 17 for the 2016-2017 school year. Schools are capped when they have “reached the maximum number of students they can effectively teach.”  This includes using all the available permanent (brick and mortar) and temporary classroom spaces. One school is recommended for… Read more »