Capping Schools

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Fifteen schools will be capped for the 2016-2017 school year in WCPSS.  When a school is capped, it means that an enrollment limit has been established.  If that enrollment limit is reached, then even families who move into the base attendance area of that school cannot attend there.  They will be offered seats at a… Read more »

Purposeful Choice

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The Board of Education gave first round approval to changes regarding student transfer policies Tuesday night. The changes have been recommended as part of a policy migration and updating process.  Changes include a new numbering system.  For example, Student Assignment has been known as Policy 6200.  Along with 6202 School Assignment Plan, 6203 Transfer of… Read more »

Final Approval of the Student Enrollment Plan

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On Tuesday night, the 2016-17 Student Enrollment Proposal was approved by the school board. The plan moves approximately 3,300 students, or roughly two percent of the student population.  According to a WCPSS Media Advisory, about half of those students will be eligible to grandfather at their current schools.  A list of ways the proposal has… Read more »

Capped Schools List Grows

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The number of schools with capped enrollment is recommended to grow from 11 to 17 for the 2016-2017 school year. Schools are capped when they have “reached the maximum number of students they can effectively teach.”  This includes using all the available permanent (brick and mortar) and temporary classroom spaces. One school is recommended for… Read more »

Choice: Luxury or Necessity?

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Sitting at the public hearing for the school enrollment plan Tuesday evening, this thought began and gained steam:  is choice luxury or necessity? School board members heard from 29 speakers.  The majority of these speakers asked for choice. They want the choice to remain where they currently are or the choice of a calendar option… Read more »

Draft Three of the Student Enrollment Plan

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Staff presented the school board with draft three of the 2016-2017 School Enrollment Plan at Tuesday’s work session.  Between drafts two and three there were presentations at seven board advisory councils, three community engagement events around the county, and more opportunities for online feedback and input. Most attention has been paid to changes recommended for… Read more »

The Enrollment Plan – Draft Two: Forest and Trees

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Draft two of the 2016-2017 Student Enrollment Proposal was presented by WCPSS staff to the school board on Tuesday afternoon.  Having received almost 1,500 online comments from more than 500 people regarding draft one, staff made changes to the plan.  Those changes were revealed and explained. Some media sources described last Tuesday’s school board meeting… Read more »