K-3 Class Size Limits Are Noble, But Are They The Best Choice to Improve Student Outcomes?

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The conventional wisdom on K-3 class size is that smaller is better. That was the thinking used when the General Assembly passed its budget last year with a section that limited class sizes for grades K-3 starting with the 2017-18 school year. But like any conventional wisdom, there’s caveats and unintended consequences. Despite the criticism… Read more »

WakeEd’s Public Policy Agenda Focus: Teachers, Standards, Students

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As the North Carolina General Assembly opens its long session on January 25, WakeEd Partnership has released its Public Policy Agenda (PDF) with an emphasis on teacher talent management, improving school accountability measures, and ensuring student equity for all. The document is organized under three main topics: Properly Value the Teaching Profession, Align Academic Standards… Read more »

PISA Results: NC Schools Perform Well, But Show Plenty of Room to Grow

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The results from an international test of 15-year-olds show that North Carolina students are competitive with worldwide peers in reading and science, but lag significantly in mathematics. Administered every three years, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a worldwide benchmark of national education systems. In the 2015 test, students from North Carolina, Massachusetts,… Read more »

WCPSS Seeking to Add More ‘Charter-Like’ Schools

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The “restart” model for high-needs schools will expand to 10 more WCPSS schools next year. Last week, the state Board of Education approved the application submitted by WCPSS to restart five more elementary schools and five middle schools. All of which are schools that need to improve their test scores. The school system “relaunched” Walnut… Read more »

WCPSS Magnet School Fair Nov. 5

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It’s time to consider applying to a WCPSS magnet school. WCPSS Magnet Schools program is not only one of the school system’s most successful programs ever implemented, it is one of the most successful programs in the nation. Just this past year, Wiley Elementary was named one of just 47 schools nationwide as “Green Ribbon”… Read more »

Time To Put Read to Achieve Tests to The Test

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With year-round school under way and traditional calendar school about to start in a couple of weeks, so begins another year of the Read to Achieve program. The 2012 law enacted by the NC General Assembly requires that all public school students in North Carolina must be reading on grade level by the end of… Read more »