As business leaders, you see first-hand how education matters. Not only is a top-flight education system attractive for excellent job candidates, but it’s also important to foster an educated workforce for the future.

“Our school system has many challenges ahead, but we are beyond lucky to have such a wonderful organizations like WakeEd Partnership to help along the way.”

– Allison Wren, Director of Education and Finance
Cary Chamber of Commerce

Wake Education Partnership is engaging businesses to help create educational excellence for all students in the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS).

Businesses around Wake County are our largest investors, and we continually bring a return on their investment of giving back to the community through education.


Since our beginning in 1983, Wake Ed has been committed to improving public education in Wake County by identifying the gaps in learning, advocating for evidenced-based best practices in the classroom and providing clear, independent information to increase community involvement in education.

Every day, we serve as a conduit to assist the Wake County Public School System in connecting business and community resources with schools. Whether we are meeting with elected officials to share perspectives from the education and business communities, awarding teacher grants for innovative projects to support academic growth for all students, or collaborating with businesses to invest time and talent into our schools, we are working hard to ensure our students are prepared to succeed.

As an independent nonprofit, WakeEd is able to bring the strongest, smartest voices from education, business, elected officials, and the community -at-large together to solve problems that make a difference for our county’s students and teachers. We believe that through collaboration and diverse perspectives we will be able to foster a dynamic education system. And we know that a strong education system is essential to a thriving economy.

Well-informed citizens make sound decisions that help public schools succeed. Our team is here to provide clear, independent commentary and review of education policy issues. We strive to see all sides of the issue and pick a path that moves our students forward, and we make sure you know about it.

Investments in WakeEd have already moved the needle.

We are Making a Difference:

Through our Teacher Innovation Grants, we have invested more than $1.5 million in innovative learning experiences for students.

We facilitate advisory councils to encourage and create open lines of communication on key issues. These groups bring together the right people to solve Wake County’s education problems.

Our early literacy program Partners Read gives business volunteers the opportunity to mentor struggling readers in WCPSS elementary schools.

Our World Cafe and SummerSTEM programs bring business leaders together with educators to match financial and in-kind resources with learning opportunities.

Learn How WakeEd Works: