WakeEd offers independent research and published reports that provide the community with important information on relevant education topics.

By providing clear, independent commentary, we help expand the use of evidence-based best practices to increase the quality of our schools.

Our latest reports:

Economic Impact CoverEconomic Impact Report – Everyone knows public schools are funded by tax dollars. What most people don’t know is how much our schools impact the economy. For example, every Wake County Public School System high school graduating class adds more than $86 million in property values to Wake County. That’s just one of the things we found after partnering with WCPSS and North Carolina State University.

The full report measures economic impact through four categories: spending impact in local economy, economic value of degrees awarded, future reduction in public costs, and economic impact on local wealth. You can view it by clicking the link above.

Suspending-Disbelief2-alterSuspending Disbelief – Global competition is putting a growing demand on all graduates to meet higher standards. This pressure will require the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) to employ a different design to provide an excellent education. The report offers a framework for change in the schools of what areas a world-class public education system would handle, such as basic student competencies, curriculum standards, assessment, testing, and the way time is used in the classroom.

Striking a Balance: In Support of Diversity in the Wake County Public School System (Download report and Additional Resources) – This report discusses the positive impact diverse student populations have on the academic success of all children. It also addresses the WCPSS’s 30-year commitment to maintaining balance in its schools.

Recruit, Retain and Respect: A Report from the Wake Task Force on Teaching Excellence (Download report and executive summary) – This report offers research-based recommendations for recruiting, retaining, and supporting excellent teachers for all of Wake County’s public school classrooms.

Quality Matters published from 2001 – 2006, offers detailed statistical measures of the school system.