We bring the smartest, best people to the table to solve our education problems.

circles-meetingAs a convener of business leaders and educators, WakeEd regularly facilitates advisory councils to encourage and create open lines of communication on key issues. These groups bring together the right people to solve Wake County’s education problems.

Wake Education Advisory Council – WakeEd hosts quarterly meetings between the leaders from each of the 12 chambers of commerce in Wake County, the Superintendent of the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS), and WakeEd’s President and Board Chair. Each quarter, this Wake Education Advisory Council discusses “hot topics” in public education that effect each of our communities in Wake County. We feel this collaborative effort is crucial to solving the issues facing our school system.

Please contact Steve Parrott, WakeEd President, or call WakeEd’s office at 919.780.5206 to learn more about our advisory council.