Public education is an essential piece to a thriving community. We need diverse perspectives to strengthen community support for education.

WakeEd brings all of the strongest, smartest voices to the table to solve problems that make a difference for our county’s students and teachers.

In 2014, our leadership convened to create a new strategic focus for WakeEd Partnership. This is our bold statement of what Wake County’s students and teachers deserve.

Our Priorities

Wake Education Partnership is focused on three priorities:

  1. We want our community to invest boldly in the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) by supporting teachers and improving learning in every school.
  2. We want every school to deliver evidence-based best practices in their culture and classroom instruction.
  3. We want every educator to have access to professional development opportunities to strengthen instruction and leadership skills.

WakeEd is also involved in advocating for issues that intersect with these priorities. You can learn more about the current advocacy efforts on our Advocacy page. Since our beginning in 1983, we have been committed to improving public education by identifying the gaps in learning, advocating for what works and providing clear, independent information to increase community involvement in education.

WakeEd has three driving goals:

  1. Catalyst-circleServe as a Catalyst: Working with elected leaders, WakeEd influences and champions critical education policy issues. WakeEd consistently emphasizes the positive economic impact of having an excellent public school system in our community. One way we do this is by connecting businesses and community resources with schools to form a mutually beneficial relationship.
  1. community-circlesInform Our Community: Informed communities are more likely to be active in their schools. We keep the public, business leaders and elected officials abreast of what is working in schools and classrooms—and what isn’t. By providing clear, independent commentary, we help expand the use of evidence-based best practices to increase the quality of our schools.
  1. educators-circleSupport Educators: Educators are the critical piece of a good education, but they need community support to have the greatest impact. WakeEd creates and facilitates professional development opportunities for our teachers. In addition, we’ve supplied more than $1.5 million in Teacher Innovation Grants to create innovative best practices.


We support or partner with these local, statewide and national initiatives:

  • WAKE Up and Read: WCPSS Early childhood literacy initiative, book drives, and school-based grants.
  • NC Public Schools: Every child’s chance; every community’s future – Statewide campaign by NC Association of School Superintendents.
  • US2020 – National program providing opportunities for businesses to work with schools on STEM experiences. 

Ongoing WEP Programs and Initiatives:

  • Teacher Innovation Grants: Innovative classroom grants to teachers (over $1M invested to date).
  • Stars of Education: Annual event to honor WCPSS educators and others making an impact on student achievement.
  • In Context: Monthly publication of independent, objective commentary on education policy issues.
  • World Café: Roundtable connecting teachers with business leaders to identify STEM career opportunities for students.

Learn How WakeEd Works: