Internship Goal:  Develop a portfolio of experiences that demonstrate marketing and communications skills in web development, social media management, public relations, and event programming


Experiences During Internship:

Web Development

  • Update website with WordPress to reflect current organizational status and content
  • Audit content to create relevant, engaging web presence
  • Develop web design principles to boost audience engagement
  • Review analytics to create reports for presentation to WakeEd stakeholders


Social Media Management

  • Manage Facebook and Twitter to foster community engagement and promote events
  • Review analytics to identify new markets for engagement
  • Develop strategy for outreach to new markets


Public Relations

  • Develop press releases to encourage media attendance at WakeEd events
  • Write editorials in conjunction with WakeEd advocacy platform
  • Create infographics to share WakeEd impact
  • Manage detractors, especially in social media space


Event Programming: Stars of Education Gala

  • Collaborate with Stars working group to create collateral materials for program
  • Contribute to video and script development
  • Develop and execute marketing strategies for event promotion


WakeEd Activities

  • Attend WakeEd events, including meetings, as your schedule allows
  • Monitor WakeEd communications to increase understanding of WakeEd